Web Position Gold: Web Ranking Software

WebPosition Gold web ranking software is designed to improve your search engine rankings.

Web ranking software is designed to improve the positioning of your web site within search engine listings. WebPosition Gold, the award winning web ranking software, can significantly increase traffic to your website, enabling you to sell more products.

Research has proved that the most effective method of attracting visitors to your site is through search engines. Search engines beat banner advertising and even press releases as a method of bringing your product to the attention of the public. Spam, by the way, ranked lowest on the list of effective advertising methods! Web ranking software is therefore an extremely effective marketing tool, since it increases the likelihood of visitors entering your site via a search engine.

However, there is little point in submitting your website to a search engine unless it is likely to appear in the first few of the search engine's list for a given keyword. Surfers soon get bored, or find an alternative site that meets their requirements, and the web sites at the bottom of the list are almost always the losers. Web ranking software such as Web Position Gold can help you not only to improve your ranking, but also to continually monitor your site's performance within the lists to ensure that your business stays competitive.

Web Position Gold is a web ranking software package that offers the following tools enabling you to beat your competitors within search engine lists:

  • The Page Generator uses a page template together with a list of keywords and a few details about your business to automatically generate optimized web pages that will rank high in search engine listings. If you're going to use this feature, please use it for educational purposed only. If you submit such pages to search engines, they could ban your web site from their listings. Their purpose is to direct their searchers to pages with useful information.
  • The Page Critic uses its built in knowledge of the traits of individual major search engines to analyze your existing web pages and offer expert advice on how to improve their ranking.
  • The user-friendly simple HTML editor can be used to make the necessary changes to the web pages.
  • The Upload Manager automatically uploads to your web site all new pages and all pages that have been optimized.
  • The Submitter automatically submits your pages to the major search engines such as Google, Altavista and Lycos. Unlike many packages that claim to submit your site to thousands of engines, resulting in an overload of spam sites receiving your email address, WebPosition Gold targets only the genuine top search engines in most countries.
  • The Reporter produces a set of nine management reports. WebPosition Gold is an excellent software ranking program, giving positioning within each individual searchlist by keyword. It will also show you which sites are above and below you on the list. This allows you to analyze those web sites to get ideas as to how best to change yours in order to stay competitive. Other information includes an alert to let you know when your position is dropping within the lists, an url check which ensures that all of your in-site links work correctly, and much more.
  • The Scheduler allows you to regularly schedule tasks such as running the Reporter and uploading pages to your site.
  • The Tracker gives information, mainly in graphical form, on how many hits were achieved on the site, how the users arrived at the site (for example directly, via a link from another site, or via a search engine), and what keywords were used in the surfer's search.

Additionally, WebPosition Gold offers automatic software updating as new versions become available, as well as free technical support. A free trial version can be downloaded from the Internet in order to evaluate the software before buying. WebPosition Gold utilizes the best techniques of web ranking software to ensure that your site achieves and maintains a top position within all the major searchlists, bringing your company and products to the notice of valuable potential customers.

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