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Welcome To Internet Business Automation:

Postmaster, email marketing automation and database management, automates small businesses marketing executives email marketing and database management chores; saving time, you can  increase productivity and sales, by expanding your marketing campaigns.


Have you ever wondered why you never hear back from most of your prospects? Perhaps they were busy that day or just forgot about your message or Web site. The reality is that your prospect is unlikely to buy from you unless he sees your ads or sales letters 5-7 times, minimum! But that kind of consistent, repeated follow-up is not easy. Do any of these sound like problems you have?

      * I don't have the time to follow up consistently.
      * Answering email consumes most of my day.
      * I often lose track of contacts, even my "hot prospects."
      * I can't afford expensive custom developed solutions.
      * I can't keep in touch with resellers as often as I want.
      * I have purchased software that doesn't get results.
      * My leads are coming in faster than I can handle.
      * My database is so disorganized that I can't use it effectively.
      * I need a better marketing strategy that will produce results.
      *I'm too busy to run my business and market effectively.


Postmaster is the ideal automated online marketing software to insure you MAXIMIZE your ONLINE PROFITS and reduce your efforts. I GUARANTEE IT! You can stop wasting valuable time and keep in touch with your contacts AUTOMATICALLY right from your PC!

      * Unlimited follow-up to your contacts at predetermined intervals.
      * Your own Electronic Personal Secretary to handles incoming email.
      * Qualify your prospects and leads automatically.
      * Seamless interface now from incoming email into your database.
      * Unlimited auto-responses based on key words and your rules.
      * Extracts Web form information from any email into your database.
      * The easiest database building marketing software on the Net.
      * Maximize your profits automatically at an affordable price..
      * Keep all of your associates educated and motivated.
      * Full database management of all your contacts with 40+ fields.
      * Tracks every message sent (and when) to each contact.
      * Introduce and cross-sell back end products effortlessly.
      * Offer an Ezine or training series automatically.
      * Answer FAQ's automatically and quickly.

This email software, was designed to meet the needs of home businesses; it’s the marketing automation tool of choice, for ......

      * Carrying  out your email marketing plan
      * Multiple marketing list management
      * Unlimited prospect follow-up, and
      * Unlimited auto-responders
      * Building an opt-in list
      * Multiple newsletter broadcasting
      * Promoting multiple products or services
      * Creating prospect loyalty
      * Affiliate training
      * MLM downtime training
      * Time management
      * Increasing productivity and sales

So, Why Postmaster?

Because this email software was designed specifically to address the marketing needs of today’s top marketing executives, small businesses managers, and home businesses operators, whose marketing efforts are undermined by the increasing business management chores that put a halt to their marketing plans; that is, expanding their business and dramatically increasing productivity, and profits.

Postmaster and its set of online automation solutions is the choice of the top professionals in the online marketing business arena. Successful entrepreneurs like…

      * Terry Dean          * Marlon Sanders     * Mike Enlow         

      * Matt Gagnon        * Rick Beneteau      * Andrew Fox

    To learn how other internet businesses professional marketers are using Postmaster, click on Testimonials

Small Businesses Managers
Home Businesses Marketers

Modern internet business managers and marketers today, find themselves so swamped by the high volume of incoming and outgoing e-mail that they have little time to do their real job. Queries from customers and prospects must be dealt with; promotional literature must be distributed. And any delay in this process can mean loss of valuable customers and profits.

Postmaster addresses the problem with two of its major components: the “Incoming Email Solution” (IES), its automated database management, and the back end processor known as the “Personal Sales Force”; that put together, they form a formidable tool for email marketing tasks.

The software's IES is known unofficially as the " Electronic Personal Secretary it scans incoming mail, filtering it by categories defined by you to automatically act upon the information in “subject line”, the “from or sender line”, and “keywords” found in the body of the email message for its decisions extracting information, sorting it into your database, and automatically responding to the incoming email.

With the new "Incoming Email Solution (IES) you'll have your very own Electronic Personal Secretary to:

      * read and answer your email
      * saving you endless hours of work...
      * providing instant custom auto-responses, and
      * improved prospect-customer service.
        Postmaster is the only solution to integrate incoming and outgoing email automation with a true full-featured contact database manager...and it works for you, around the clock, for a low one-time investment!

Instant Personalized Auto Responses. This software generates instant personalized auto responses when necessary automating up to 90% of your customer service, will subscribe or unsubscribe prospects to your list. The "IES" (Incoming Email Solution), can sort and deal with returned and undeliverable email messages, allowing you the choice to delete contacts with fatal undeliverable errors. Marketing Automation & Database Integration  this email software integrates with the contact database  and will automatically add or remove contacts from the database based upon the details taken from incoming email.  IES also upgrades prospects  to customers when they place their first order, which will allow you increase your sales by selling more your clients on the back end.

This is the ideal email software tool for:

      * Dealing with FAQ's
      * Managing multiple marketing
      * Multiple mailing lists
      * Extracting-sorting-storing web forms information


Stay in touch with your online and off-line contacts through ongoing, fully automated email and snail mail campaigns. Send multiple series of short, PERSONALIZED messages from Postmaster to let your prospects and customers know that you value their business.

Unlike server-based systems, you have total control of your database! The security and peace of mind of having complete automated control of your contact database right on YOUR OWN PC is incredible.

Don't take the chance that your online service is being blocked by a number of different ISPs and networks or that someone won't click on an Autobot email address. With Postmaster, your communication is personalized and comes directly from your email address to theirs. This provides the feeling and personal touch of you sitting down and writing your messages to each and every contact.

Small Businesses
Personal Sales Force

The Personal Sales Force allows to broadcast bulk opt-in email (not spam), such as marketing promotions, e-zines, newsletters broadcasting, and to broadcast your schedules messages to be sent out automatically to a targeted section of your customer list.

Contacts are classified within the Postmaster database according to marketing categories determined by you, and these categories are used to decide on a list of recipients for future marketing promotions..

Postmaster also allows you to manage the marketing contact database, and even deals with appointments, sending reminders at the appointed time. The database can import or exporting your data from a wide range of applications including the Microsoft line of products.

Postmaster is available on a Free trial basis before purchase. Toll-free telephone coaching and support is available for the first 30 days after purchase, and email support is available indefinitely. The product ships with training videos and training material.

You must automate the mechanics of your business to compete and thrive online or you'll be one of the 85% who don't make it - end of story.

And I'll tell you right now, if you have to manually add your contacts to a database, then try and follow up manually, 9 times out of 10 your business will fall apart. Contacts and profits will start falling through the cracks. Why flush your time and money down the toilet? If ...

Postmaster is now offering……

Tools which will automate all the email marketing task of all marketing executives, small businesses marketers, and home businesses owners, allowing all marketers and newsletter publishers to meet their full potential; enabling you to concentrate on selling rather than getting bogged down in mundane and repetitive tasks, to grow and develop your business while increasing you productivity and sales.

Start taking control your business automating your marketing chores and dramatically increase your sales and profits while saving time and money.

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Wishing you the best,

Charles C. Longsworth, Ph.D.
Internet Business Automation
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