Online Marketing Automation:
Key to Your Internet Business Success

In the online marketing world you have probably heard, it is estimated that only about 5% of businesses on the Web are making real profits, those with internet business automation and online marketing automation systems.

Five percent! If it seems like the odds are against you, you're right. But that doesn't mean you can't be one of the elite--you just need to Arm yourself with the right knowledge and tools.

The flexibility and freedom of an online business may seem very appealing, but for most of us, reality isn't nearly so rosy. Why, then, do people still dream about quitting their jobs and Heading to making a living with an internet business? The answer can be summed up in one word: possibilities.

We've all thought the same thing: along with the hazards and potential for failure, comes a very real and distinct light at the end of the tunnel. What if I could be part of that 5% who succeed and make a great living? Isn't it worth a shot? Yes!

So, with a 5% success rate, how do I improve my chances? Well, the best way to help ensure that you become one of the fortunate few is to automate every aspect of your internet business: your online marketing, your marketing plan, your customer follow-up, your lead generation, your order fulfillment...., everything. No matter what kind of online venture you choose, automation is the key to saving time, money, and ultimately your business.

You're probably thinking that business automation is easier said than done. This is true, but with the right guidance and tools from an expert, you can make automation work for you. And, it may be easier to implement than you think. If you can get help in learning how to automate your business, you will greatly enhance your chances for success.

There are many online firms that specialize in helping Internet Business people (both new and experienced) automate their businesses and streamline themselves for success. They give people the advice, tools, and knowledge they need to automate their entire sales process, marketing plan, customer service, and more. The entire process can be painless, and quicker than you ever thought possible. Plus, when you're finished, your business will be easier to run and far more profitable.

If you're really seeking to become successful, you must come up with an automated, comprehensive, scalable marketing plan. Only with marketing automation applications of your choice will you be able to generate a continuous flow of warm, willing, and motivated prospects.

Charles Longsworth, founder of Internet Business Automation, specializes in helping people create online marketing automation systems that make money.  For information on automating your business visit . For free powerful marketing automation articles by professional marketers subscribe to “Automation Gazette” and receive 5 FREE gifts. Go To:


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