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Do you feel like a glorified secretary when you should be a marketing executive? This software could be the means of putting your life back on track. Although email has opened up a huge opportunity to contacting and keep in touch with customers and potential customers, a lot of mundane and boring work is involved in using this effectively.

Mailloop provides email marketing management that can grow your business.

 This wonderful tool can automate most of the repetitive work, leaving you free to be the creative and innovative person you were meant to be. Read on to find out what Mailloop can do for you.

Incoming emails are examined by Mailloop, and filtered according to criteria defined by you. It can recognize emails which have been generated by a click on your website, and will automatically respond to these by sending a copy of your standardized response letter, personalized by including details such as the potential customer's name in the appropriate places.

While doing all this, at the same time, it will add the incoming email address to a mailing list of potential customers, who can later be targeted to receive promotional literature and advice of special offers. Use it at any time to create and send personalized  promotions and advertising documents.

 Requests to unsubscribe from the list will be handled automatically, and Mailloop will filter out duplicate and invalid email addresses. It will monitor any delivery failure notices received from service providers, and if the failure is non-recoverable, the subscriber will be removed from the mailing list.

You can manage subscriptions and unsubscriptions to newsletters, customers and prospects lists; and will broadcast your  newsletters automatically to the target group. Newsletters are a great marketing tool, since the subscribers have already expressed an interest in your product.

An important area of marketing is to maintain a close relationship with existing customers, who already know and trust your products. With this email software, you can have a separate mailing lists of these clients, prospects, and subscribers, in order to target your promotions informing of new product releases, sending special offers, including discounts and bonuses.

Letters can be personalized by including the customer's name as well as any other relevant details taken from the email software's customer database. Customers can be sent re-order reminders for consumables, and can receive instant email confirmation of their orders; and most importantly will instantly process your orders and then deliver all your digital products

Mailloop is the ideal tool to harness the marketing potential of email on the internet, and to maintain a communications system which will impress your clients and sell your products on the back end.

Mailloop is the complete home businesses email software management program,  small businesses solutions, and e-commerce automation,  to market your products and services, processing your ecommerce orders and digital products delivery; to drive  your sales and profits.

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