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Welcome To Internet Business Automation::

You've heard that 95% of internet business aren't making money.  Wherever you go all over the Web, more and more every day, its the topic  at forums -- the failures.  Its even been said that you can't make money with an online internet business. 

Yet this is only true so for those without the internet business automation tools and resources to develop a small business idea into successful small businesses; because of

    1. Lacking a sound knowledge on operating an internet business
    2. Lack of a comprehensive and scalable Internet business automation system for marketing automation and website automation


I do intend to fill that void ...

I further intend to empower you with a winning combination of undisputable knowledge base resources, and internet business automation tools that will assist driving home businesses towards success, profits, and personal fulfillment.

I'll present you with the causes of internet business failure, the basic ingredients to online business success developing your small business idea into small businesses success; with the automating solutions to manage; the internet marketing automation software to reach global markets and drive unlimited targeted traffic; and, the knowledge-base resources to set-up, market and manage small businesses, or home businesses, with the necessary internet business automation tools and resources. 

Who They Are And Why They Are Failing:

Unfortunately, the majority of the growing number of failures, are the small businesses owners, the small home businesses entrepreneur, the stay-at-home-business moms, the info publishing netprenuer, those into affiliate marketing, and multi-level marketing; also, webmasters hoping for website traffic they've failed to generate.

Here at Internet Business Automation, I've research the subject and, based upon a number of interviews, and my personal experience,  I've concluded they failed because: 

    1.  Lack of knowledge and basic understanding about doing business on the web.
    2. They lack internet business automation tools and resources for ...
    * Marketing Automation
    * Business Management Automation
    * Website Automation , and
    * The Knowledge Base Resources,

They specifically failed at one or more of the following ...

    >> To build a targeted traffic generating search engine friendly website 
    >> To setup a website linking campaign to drive targeted traffic
    >> To automate their websites and business management
    >> To follow an automated and comprehensive scalable marketing plan
    >> To reach global markets with marketing automation
    >> To sell in-demand targeted products to target markets
    >> To target the media to reach global target markets
    >> To set up compelling sales letters that really sells
    >> To test headlines, benefits, and copy, on sales letters
    >> To set-up a sales process  to up-sell more products
    >> To back end sales with email marketing automation
    >> To automate customer follow-up promoting back-end sales


Who I'm I? Thanks for Asking ...

My name is Charles C. Longsworth, Webmaster at internet business automation. I spent two years (2018 -2018) yielding only frustration, disappointment, and failure.

Until, I came across mentors such as Ken Evoy, Corey Rudly, Marlon Senders, Mike Enlow, Tim Gross, and others.  I read their newsletters, I purchased all their books and tools to  learn about internet business automation.

Now, capitalizing on knowledge and experience, it's that I've built "Internet Business Automation" with you in mind, to assist to develop your small business idea into successful and profitable small businesses or home businesses

You can do it.  With the right tools and knowledge-base resources you are about to discover.

Just acquire or produce in-demand target products for a target  market, drive target traffic with a search engine friendly website - and a website that really sells, apply the suggested internet business automation online marketing and management tools; and  you will succeed developing a small business idea into successful small businesses.

      Soon you'll be telling your story too!

Who Should Use Internet Business Automation: 

Regardless of  selling a products or services, digital or hard goods; as a  webmaster or affiliate marketing; whether you're into info-publishing, copy-writing, multi level network marketing, or an eBay online auction seller; internet business automation tools and resources are for you. 

Regardless of the nature and scope of your internet business, individual home businesses or corporate small businesses - with  local or global reach, automating your website, your internet business management, and marketing automation--  is a must. 

      It's the key to your success doing business on the Web.

Internet Business Automation Compelling Success: 

The goal and only purpose of this website, is to introduce and recommend the internet business automation tools for automating your internet business management, automating your website, and your online marketing campaigns.

You see, running a successful business on the Web, is predicated upon the combination of the following compelling factors  .....

Compelling ingredients to Internet Business Success

    >>  A firm knowledge base to manage business, website, and  marketing
    >>  An in-demand hot target product  or service for a hot target market
    >>  Building search engine friendly websites to attract unlimited traffic
    >>  Internet business automation to handle daily repetitive business tasks
    >>  Internet Marketing automation to reach local, and global markets
    >>  A Sales Process to monetize your targeted traffic, for back-end sales
    >>  Automated customer service.
        Set up your business to meet the required ingredients for success, and, in the words of my mentor, Ken Evoy..
        "There's simply no way to fail...."
        If you got the "Knowledge and Tools" that it take. Do you?

Find Out Yourself: 
If you're, dissatisfied with your internet experience and, if you want to achieve real-tangible-success; or, take your online business to a higher level; then,  internet business automation got what you needs...

To automate your  Internet Business Management  and automatically carry-out the repetitive time consuming management tasks'. To Automate Your Website  and sales process to convert more browsers into buyers; and, Marketing Automation Software to drive unlimited target traffic to sell your product's or services. Also, Knowledge Base Resources that provide the "know how" means  to running an efficient and  profitable Internet business.

I've personally and successfully used them all, that's why I recommend them.  This is a testimonial you can bank on

Internet Business Automation Marketing Automation
The Benefits


Furthermore, if you're really seeking: increase the present level of success you must come up with a comprehensive scalable marketing plan.

Supported by...

The adaptable internet business automation marketing applications designed, to develop your home business idea, and support your small businesses online marketing plans according to the nature of your internet business.

Only then you'll be able to generate a continuous flow of warm, willing, and ready to buy qualified prospects, for your website automation to convert into more sales and profits.

Here's a limited list of the benefits of marketing automation:

    >>  Build traffic generating websites. No HTML, FTP, CGI, or Java
    >>  Generate and submit-resubmit optimized search engine friendly pages
    >>  Automatically drive unlimited free targeted search engine traffic
    >>  Achieve top search engine ranking to generate free target traffic
    >>  Drive target traffic automatically by linking to successful sites
    >>  Automatically set-up, bid, and submit massive PPC campaigns
    >>  Automatically research most profitable search engine keywords
    >>  Automatically write and broadcast professional Press Releases
    >>  Automatically reach over 28,000 Press Releases target media outlets
    >>  Fill-in the blanks automated professional sales letters generator
    >>  Classified Ads submission to over 2018 sites (No FFA)
    >>  Test for wining headlines, benefits, guaranties, testimonials, etc.
    >>   E-zine marketing explosion with winning tested ad copy elements
    >>  E-zine broadcasting with automated subscribe-remove requests
    >>  Automated e-mail marketing campaigns and back end sales
    >>  Follow up your customers and sell more products on the back end
      Believe me when I say there's just no way out ...
        Marketing Automation is the only way
        To generate massive traffic, sales, and profits

Internet Business Automation Online Marketing Applications

To ensure your success, I've assembled under one roof, the most complete set of  internet business automation software, and the knowledge-base resources to meet the requirements for successfully doing business on the Web.

Regardless of where you're at, or the stage of development of your small business idea; and, regardless of what you're selling, and how you're delivering, you can still expand your small business marketing scope to reach targeted online and offline, local and global target markets, to promote the growth of your internet business.

Depending on the structure and nature of your business, you can incorporate all of internet business automation applications once; or, gradually, according to your own priorities, needs, and budget constraints.

Whichever way you go, do make sure to incorporate into your business arsenal the  "Knowledge Base Resources recommended below. You REALLY can't do without them!

Site  Built  It!

Unlimited Targeted Traffic Generator & Theme Base Website Builder Automation Software. Drive unlimited targeted traffic with this Search Engine Marketing Automation and Theme Base Website Builder. Build search engine friendly content focused websites for your online small business without No knowledge of HTML, CGI, FTP, or Java Scripts.

It automatically handles all the technical stuff for you in the background, given you the free time to concentrate on converting traffic into sales and profits with its built-in e-commerce automation module. Discover its the full range of benefits, click on Site Build It! Small Business Idea Developing "N" Small Businesses Marketing Automation .

Web Position Gold. 

Unlimited Search Engine Traffic With This Automated Web Ranking Software. Generate a free endless stream of automatic target traffic from the Search Engine. So you've got a website up and running, and want to improve your search ranking for each of your keywords; then, Web Position Gold is the alternative for you.

This Web page Optimizing and search engine submission software will guide you to optimize your web pages and submit them. to the major search engines to improve your present ranking. Learn more about this software clicking on WebPosition Gold Search Engine Ranking Software

Media Magnet Pro. 

News Press Releases Broadcasting. Marketing Automation Software.  Brand yourself broadcasting your internet business newsworthy events to over targeted 28,000 media outlets, on-and-offline (including radio, television, newspapers, and  e-zines) to reach your local and global markets. 

One Broadcasting will generate unlimited qualified prospects to your site. You may broadcasted as often as you want. Don't know how to write press releases? no bother, the software comes with a tutorial and news press releases templates to make it easy. For more information click on Media Magnet Pro Press Releases Broadcasting


The Online Marketing Automation and Internet Business Automation solution. Its "back end sales" processor automation system. Increase your sales, profits, and conversion ratiosMailloop process, fulfill orders and deliver, all your digital products and registration codes, in real time.

It's the complete Newsletter Manager and E-mail Marketing system that runs unlimited newsletters, and manage your subscriber list, prospects list, and customers list, right from your desktop. To learn more about this E- Mail & E-Business Automation Software and its automated Newsletter Manager and Sales Manager click on Mailloop Online Marketing

Postmaster Express. 

Stop Loosing Sales and Valuable Time Exploding your Profits with Postmaster Express! E-mail Marketing Automation and Database Management Software. Reduce your workload and time by half while increasing your profits by 50% having Postmaster Express to run your email marketing automated campaigns. 

Its incoming email solutions (IES) - your background personal secretary, handles all your e-mail marketing tasks; reading, sorting, and answering your email. It's the only solution to fully integrate incoming - outgoing email with its featured automated database automation management.  Manage all your e-mail marketing campaigns and newsletter broadcasting with Postmaster Express.

For more information and download a fully functional Demo visit Postmaster: "Email Marketing Automation" .

Push Button Sales Letters Automation.

Fill-in the Blanks Press the Pop-Up button professional "Sales Letter" marketing automation Software. Finally, overcome your writing bock and produce professional "Sales Letters".

Capture your website visitors attention on your product or services features and benefits, and persuading them to click on the order button, boosting your sales and profits.

Push Button Sales Letters Automation software is an indispensable copy-writing tool for your internet business and website marketing. For more information about this automated copy-writing tool click on Push Button Sales Letters Copy Writing Software

The Marketing Dashboard

Your automated "Virtual Management and Marketing Assistance" Save hundred of hours managing and marketing your business with the "Marketing Dashboard".

This Web Base online automation marketing automation system, will guide you step by step, effortlessly and systematically through its built-n marketing plan, tools, and resources, adjustable to the nature of your industry.

Stop second guessing marketing your online business, just point and click and follow the steps to sell more of your products and services.

"The Marketing Dashboard" will save you hundreds of hours of trail and errors and learning curve, hundreds of hours reading marketing e-book and the cost in hundreds or even thousands of Dollars.

It's designed to provide you custom marketing plans, and achieve your marketing goals. For more information click on Marketing Dashboard

Power Submitter.

The Automated Classified Add Submission Software submit your classified ads to over 2018 Classified Ad sites simultaneously. Test your Headlines, your Benefits and Copy.

Got the winners? Then you got what it take to crank up  profitable e-zines marketing, and email marketing campaigns on auto-pilot;  even if you don't have a product, a mailing list, or a website of your own. 

In fact, successful email marketing and ezine marketing are totally futile without this automation software to instantly test the elements of your copy without cost or time delay.

For more information, and a Free Demo test of this automation software click on Power Submitter Classified Ad Automation

Internet Business Automation Website Management  System
The Benefits

You have built your search engine friendly website, your have automatically submitted your web pages and your ranking begins to improve, and traffic begins to arrive; and, prospects are viewing your pages and clicking the order buttons. 

Now,  it's time to  "Automate Your Website"  and  Sales Process to up-sell more products with the same order, to process your orders, charge credit cards, transfer monies into your bank account, and  deliver your products, follow up your customers for back-end sales; and, automate your customer service too.  All of that with little or no intervention on your part.

Here's a limited list of benefits to website automation:

    >>   Automatically grow an Opt-In list and boost back end sales
    >>   Inspire trust and credibility with your own merchant account
    >>   Increase sales by taking credit cards in real time right at your site
    >>   Automatically process and fulfill your orders instantly
    >>   Automatically up-sell more products with each order
    >>   Store and sort customers information in your database

    >>   Overcome buyers remorse with stick letters to make sale

    >>   Back end sales with your database marketing automation
    >>   Save time with customer service automation

Seriously .....
Stop holding yourself hostage to your business.

You must automate your website and sales process.

Website Automation
The Applications

Automate Your Website.

Automate your website "Sales Process", to run automatically without Custom Programming or CGI Scripts to install, and automatically process credit cards, and fulfill your orders in real time.

With "Automate Your Website" you'll automate and manage your "affiliate programs", set up web forms, follow-up your customers with unlimited autoresponders, broadcast your ezine and manage all your lists.

This portable web base system will keep you from being held hostage by your web host; yes, you can change web hosting whenever and your automated Sales Process continues to operate without interruptions.

Test drive  for 30 days and learn mote about  "Automate Your Website"

Internet Business Automation e-Commerce Solution. 

Here's the Credit Card Processing and Order Fulfillment System that build customer trust and increase your sales with this E-Commerce Automation System.

Automate your order processing so that when your orders come-in the credit card charges are approved immediately, sales income transferred into your bank account instantly, the order sent to your "Order Fulfillment Company", the customer is immediately notified that the credit card been charged, and extract the order information into your database.

For more information click on e-Commerce Automation


Affiliate Marketing Automation Tracking System. Track and manage your associate program and marketing campaigns.�Automating your associate program is a critical component of your business.

Instantly activate your affiliates and duplicate your web pages then allow your associates to check their stats in real time generate reports and print monthly checks including the envelopes mailing labels.

At the same time, AssocTrack is also the ultimate Ad Tracking Automation Software will tract visitors to your website, and those generated by each individual Ad. For more information click on AssocTRAC Affiliate Programs Marketing Automation.


Business Automation
Benefits And Applications

The Benefits.

In a nutshell, increased productivity, sales, and profits. Set up those online small businesses management, and time consuming repetitive tasks, on auto-pilot, with internet business automation management robots; and improved efficiency, and productivity. 

These time saving devices allow you the time to grow your business expanding the scope of your marketing campaigns; in turn, you will sell more products or services for more Profits!

The Application.

Save time and efficiently operate small businesses business with this Internet Business Automation management System.

Manage your Internet Business with its 44 business management solutions and tools, they will train you on how to manage your online business in the most time efficient and effectively, so that you get-on with your next project; whether a new product to create, another website to build, launching another marketing campaign; or, spend more time with your family and friends.

Whatever it be, "The Internet Business Automation Management System" will save you the time to further develop your business.  For more information click on Internet Business Automation

Knowledge Base Resources

Now that you got the the internet business automation tools  to design, set-up and automate your website the generate unlimited traffic, the management tools to automate and manage your internet business, and the marketing automation tools to generate and drive target traffic to your website. 

Then, let me introduce you to  The Knowledge Base Resources which provide the "Know How knowledge of doing internet business", to avoid the mistakes of the "" failures.

Make Your Site Sell!

Regarded as the "The Bible of Internet Marketing" by Allan Gardyne, from "Associate Programs", is perhaps the most valuable resource for anybody doing business on the Web.

This voluminous under-priced 495 page e-book teach the basic foundation for becoming successful with Internet small businesses, or with home businesses operations. In the word of its author, Ken Envoy, from Sitesell , there are three basic requirements to becoming successful as a Net entrepreneur.  That is,

      * Creating an in-demand product
      * Building a website that really sells, and
      * Generating targeted traffic.
Make Your Site Sell! is all about mastering those three basic requirements, the foundation of internet business and marketing automation success. For more information visit
Make Your Site Sell!

Download "Make Your Site Sell" Demo.

The Amazing Formula That Sells Product Like Crazy.

This is the one-must-have marketing manual for every marketer, webmaster, or affiliate; regardless of the product or service they are marketing, or the nature of the business they are promoting.

With this marketing resource learn all about pure and simple marketing online and offline, according to marketing plans that best fit each individual business or industry.  The Amazing Formula will teach you all about sales systems, sales techniques, and marketing plans for specific products and  markets. 

Best of all, you'll learn about selling target products to target markets through target media, that work best for your business or industry, product or service.  Indeed, I cannot conceive anyone doing business on the web without an indispensable internet marketing manual like The Amazing Formula

Insiders Secrets To Marketing
Your Business On The Internet" -- 2018! 

This is the all in one internet business resource for all internet business entrepreneurs, or those wanting to develop a small business idea into small businesses . 

It's recommended for all affiliate marketing, professional webmasters, and professional marketers. This internet marketing manual  is for serious  internet small businesses marketing masters, and website promotions

Just allow yourself to be guided by the hand and learn: from building a website to traffic generating, from newsletter publishing to subscriber drive, from writing ad-copy to professional sales letters,  from  product creation to promotion, from affiliate marketing to associate program management, etc.

Wherever you're at with whatever your doing on the Net,  whether as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, you'll find all that you need to know in Online Marketing Insiders Secrets

Failing To Automate
The Consequences

Failing to implement the internet business automation tools described above, in small businesses will have you spending your time doing business the hard-old-fashion-way,  fulfilling orders, charging credit cards, shipping your products, returning phone calls, answering email, and taking care of customer service; In fact, all those things that could be done automatically with the internet business automation tools.

Furthermore, failing to automate you internet business marketing, you'll fail driving unlimited target traffic for greater sales, to improve your conversion ratio and improve on your return of investment, to follow-up and stay in regular contact with your customers for more back end sales. Ultimately, you'll fail staying in business.

My dear fellow-man, the choice is yours ......

While it is true that you can operate your online business with little or no internet business automation, or marketing automation it's also true that your return will be in direct correlation to your investment of time and money, tools and knowledge for doing business on the web the right way, the real way, and the only way. Right?

To be successful doing business on the web, and competing in this dynamically changing business environments, you must a develop a small business idea, and operate small businesses or home businesses, with adaptable and scalable internet business automation and online marketing automation software to successfully compete, sell, and bank the profits.

Wishing you the best,

Charles C. Longsworth, Ph.D.
Internet Business Automation

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