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Welcome To Internet Business Automation:

Now you can easily create public awareness branding your name, branding your business, branding your products or services, and increasing your sales and profits, by driving unlimited targeted traffic to your website with the free publicity of
News Press Releases.

Best yet, is that you can automate the entire process.  From professionally written templates to broadcasting to over 28,000 media outlets. 

That's right! Just sent out free News Press Releases broadcasting all your  business main events with Media Magnet Pro. - sit back and track the free flow of targeted traffic, and see your website converting that traffic into sales

Send free press releases for all your company announcements with Media Magnet Pro.

Free press releases? It sounds too good to be true. Press releases are an invaluable marketing and public relations tool. They reach a wide audience and research has shown them to be one of the best ways of attracting new traffic to your website.

Free press releases produced by Media Magnet Pro are professionally presented and can be sent to personal contacts within those media organizations who will be most likely to use them. This is not a service; it is a process controlled by you.

Media Magnet Pro includes a database of over 28,000 media contacts categorized to enable free press releases to be targeted to the right group of people. The contacts include all major media organizations within the United States and Canada, and will later be upgraded to include international contacts as well.

Newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations and chat shows are all included. The database is owned by you, and can be updated quarterly. Additionally, you can add your own list of personal contacts, if necessary importing them from packages such as Excel.

Whenever a newsworthy event occurs within your company, such as a new product release or a new partnership etc., you can immediately send a professionally presented free press release by email, fax or hardcopy.

The package includes sample press release templates to ensure that your releases are formatted in the way that editors expect to receive them. They can be created in either text or HTML format. Media Magnet Pro will even give you advice on how to present your press release for best results.

To send a free press release, write the release using one of the sample press release templates, and edit it to include the text of the release. Next select a target your group or groups for the release. It is important to put thought into this stage, to ensure that only those contacts who are likely to use the information will receive it. Finally, connect to the Internet and send the releases with a single click of the button.

To learn more about News Press Releases and free publicity marketing automation click on Free Press Releases

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