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Do you own your auction traffic?

Is your online business traffic dependant upon eBay

Do you have your own website generating traffic to your eBay auctions?

Could you capture contact data of your online auctions visitors?

Do you manage and market to your own mailing contact list?

Are you in business for yourself or are you working for eBay?

If you've answer "no" to the above questions, you're an eBay Auctions employee, increasing eBay's profits at the cost of your time and effort doing all the leg work ......
      * Finding the products you're listing on eBay
      * Doing the order fulfillment, packaging, and shipping, while ....
      * eBay is banking the pure online auctions

While you're thinking that you're in business on your own, in fact, you're an eBay employee without employment benefits.  Like it or not, that's the way it is. As eBay increases its fees for your listings, your profits decreases. Certainly, your entire business is dependant upon ebay an its policies.

Turn things around having eBay to work for you ......

      * You can reclaim your business
      * You can stand on you own independently from eBay
      * You harness the power of eBay to work for you
      * You can diversify and have multiple streams of income
      * You can harvest, manage, and grow your contact mailing list
      * You then can market your products and services for your own list.

Then, and only until then, you'll be in business on your own, independent from ebay online auctions while still capitalizing on eBay Auctions, having eBay to work for you.  That is, if your internet business with the right set of tools to generate multiple streams of income along with eBay as just another partner. Reduce your dependency on while still Harnessing its power to work for your. First lets take a look of things you can do to reclaim your ebay online auction to have your own online business

      * Your own website to attract eBay auction buyers
      * Have good-in demands products to sell to hungry eBay buyers
      * Research the hottest in-demand products on eBay
      * Getting access to a reliable drop ship wholesaler
      * Listing your products on your website
      * Collect personal data from your prospects on you website
      * Redirect your website visitors to your eBay auction listings
      * Redirect eBay's online traffic to your website for more back end sales
      * Follow-up your customers and prospects for more back end sales
      * Publish your own online auctions newsletter and create customer loyalty

Do these thing and notice your bottom line increasing in sales and profits. Then you're ......

    * in business on your own
    * capitalizing on eBay online auctions traffic
      You must succeed with your online auctions ....
      There's simply no way to fail!

Don't get me wrong, there is no "free lunch" here, no immediate gratification either, as with all things, you get what you pay for; there is direct correlation between the time, effort, and money that you're willing to invest and the level of success you're desire to achieve.  Having said that, then ...

      "You must build a search engine friendly website
      attracting unlimited targeted traffic"

eBay Online Auction
Traffic Automation System

Site Built It!  Builds "theme base" search engine friendly websites according to the top major search engines protocols that achieves guaranteed top ranking, that is, if you're following the blue print for success as outlined in its accompanying guide which you can have as a free download by clicking on MAKE Your Content PREsell, this is a five day intensive course that guides you in the process of building a search engine friendly website that generates unlimited ebay auctions targeted traffic for the success of your online auctions business.

This internet business web design and traffic automation software allows you to generate your own traffic rather than you depending on ebay traffic. Furthermore, more than achieving your independence from ebay online auction, it allows you to do all the above without the use of technicalities as HTML, CGI, FTP, or Java scripts. It silently work in the background to allow you the freedom to concentrate on your internet business, and expand your online auctions business, creating multiple streams of profits, rather than depending on eBay alone.

Site Built It! after building your search engine friendly theme base website for your online auctions, it automatically submit to all the major search engines; then will optimize and resubmit your ebay web pages to the major search engines, it will further continue to optimize and resubmit your online auctions pages until each page is indexed by the search engines and reach a top placement in the search results. You'll then begin to attract unlimited targeted traffic to your ebay online auctions website. Your prospects will then have the option to

      * Purchase other products listed on your site
      * Be re-directed to your eBay listing for bidding
      * Subscribe to your mailing list
      * Buy more products on the back end

To learn more how  Site Built It! features and benefits will enhance your eBay online auctions, and what that means to your eBay auctions business; how to generate targeted PREsold traffic to your website to increase your sales and profits; and you can use the power of eBay, the search engines, and Site Built It!  to reduce your dependency and regain your freedom from eBay with multiple streams of income for more greater back end sales,click on eBay Online Auctions Automation .

Wishing you the best,

Charles C. Longsworth, Ph.D.
Internet Business Automation

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