Affiliate Marketing
The Real, Effortless, Profitable
Small Home Business Way

Affiliate Marketing: The small home businesses way
Driving unlimited pre-sold target traffic, sales and profits
While growing your own back-end business.

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Welcome To Internet Business Automation:

Associate marketing,  is the low cost - no risk  internet business model suitable for those seeking a second stream of income, without  investing the time and money to produce and market, a product or service of their own; but rather, marketing the products and services of an already established merchant.

This internet business model is most suitable for a small home business and stay at home moms. Its an excellent model for several reasons:

      * Low start up cost
      * The Merchant Partner provides the product or service
      * Orders are processed through your Partner a merchant account
      * Your Associate Partner process and fulfill the orders
      * You don't have to answer emails
      * Your Affiliate Partner provide the customer service
      * The Merchant Partner provide sales letters copy and Ad copy
      * All you do is:
        * Drive traffic to your merchant partner
        * Collect your visitors email addresses
        * Develop and grow your mailing list
        * Sell other products to your list on the back end

However, if that's all it takes to be a successful affiliate marketer, then why some many have failed doing it?

That is because they've done it the hard way, the sign-up to about any merchant affiliate program, and they market the ad copy that the merchant provided to as many others who've sign up to the same affiliate program, and they all run the same ads, and perhaps in the same none targeted ezines marketing, and to a none targeted market.

Nevertheless, Associate Marketing is a highly income rewarding business model when done the right way.

Though, all that you'll have to do is marketing the product or service. Yet,  it takes more on become successful with your home business doing Affiliate Marketing  the Real , Effortless, Profitable Way.

What is the  real,  effortless and profitable way?

Affiliate Marketing
The Small Home Business
Success Factors

You see, success with an internet business in general, and running an affiliate marketing home business in particular, is predicated upon three factor:

1. A good in-demand product with a proven target market

2. A Merchant partner with a successful website that ....

    * close the sale
    * got a rewarding compensation plan and good support
    * provides excellent customer service

3. Your own affiliate website! Yes you do need your own, that is ....

    * Theme base content website that ....
    * Presells your affiliate product or services
    * Attracts unlimited targeted warm-willing-to-buy prospects
    * Drives the target traffic to your Merchant website to close the sale.

      Put together these three factors and you'll be successful
      with your internet business and affiliate marketing

      Because for there's just no way to fail!

Taking A Closer Look:  Though it is simply said, yet it is not as simple to do; that is, to put together the three factors for the success of home businesses doing affiliate marketing. You must do your home business home work, for this is no "get-rich-scheme"; remember, this is about doing affiliates marketing the profitable way ...

The majority of affiliates signs-up to merchants associates programs on the basis of distorted and unreal promises of making great amounts of money, by just running the same e-zine marketing ads provided to all associates; they spin their wheels spending their limited resources.

Nevertheless, their failure could've been completely avoided had they set-up their home business to operate an affiliate program the REAL and PROFITABLE  with the RIGHT information and tools to become successful.

Of the above factors, having your own "theme base content focused website" is the most relevant doing affiliate marketing. Yet, it's the most overlooked by most affiliates. 

You must have your own website, one that is built to attract and generate a continuous flow of unlimited targeted warm and willing to buy prospects driven to your merchant website to close the sale.

This step is achieved having the right set "Internet Business Automation" of tools to build

    1. A search engine friendly theme base content website
    2. To automatically submit optimized web pages to major search engines
    3. Guaranteed top search engine ranking, that
    4. Attracts unlimited targeted pre-sold traffic of warm-willing-to-buy prospects ....
    5. Re-directed to your merchant's site to close the sale.
    6. Build, host, and manage your own opt-in email list
    7. Brodcast your own newsletter
    8. Sell more products to your list on the back end.

Site Build It!
Affiliate Marketing Business Automation

Site Build It!  Is the complete affiliate marketing internet business automation tool that guide affiliates and small home home businesses operators to .....

    * Drive unlimited target traffic for more sales and profits
    * Building search engine friendly websites without HTML, CGI, Java Scripts, etc.
    * Brainstorming the best most profitable theme-base website
    * Choosing best domain name and website concept for top ranking

Site Build It! Is the only small home businesses affiliate marketing tool that guarantees success, providing you follow the steps in its accompanying manual "MAKE Your Content PREsell".

No other program or software on the entire world wide web could make such a claim. Yes! your affiliate marketing success is guaranteed  following its inbuilt  step by step doable blue print to success. Download and Preview a FREE copy of MAKE Your Content PREsellHaven't you? Then you're ready to take a closer look at the software itself.

For more information, preview, and tour "Site Built It!" and learn what this Affiliate Marketing Automation tool is all about, its features, benefits,  and its meaning to your bottom line doing affiliate marketing, driving unlimited targeted traffic to your merchant's website for more sales and profits click Affiliate Marketing Automation.

Wishing you the best,

Charles C. Longsworth, Ph.D.
Internet Business Automation

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